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Everyone has a deep desire to be loved, happy and whole.

My passion and purpose is to be an advocate and inspiration

to others to achieve this deep-rooted,

innate need within each person.


Roma Flood is an inspiration to many. An infectious smile masks a life full of tragedy, trauma and grief that have shaped the woman she is today.


On meeting her at a restaurant a friend described her as follows; a well-groomed lady of Chinese descent; tall, thin and poised, perhaps even serene. What she could not see or even guess at, was the suffering and loss she has endured. Too much for any one lifetime.


Her suffering began with her precious mother’s illness and death in her teenage years. It continued with the shocking murder of her daughter and grand-children’s kidnapping, then the untimely death of her grand-daughter and husband who were killed in a freak plane crash.


Her speaking engagements expose the rawness and grief that has ravaged her, pointing hearers in the direction of healing and wholeness. She has lived everyone’s worst nightmares, their greatest fears, but has survived each and every one.


Although it has been hard putting pen to paper so to speak, she says the purpose and outcome of her book has been rewarding and enriching because she sees hope restored in the people who read it. Despite the odds, she is a survivor and shares the tangible, every-day keys she used to overcome loss, grief and hardship to encourage and empower others to walk free of the restraints and live life to the full.


Formerly a Teacher of Fashion, she has not only worn the title of mother but grand-mother raising her grand-children, widow and single mum, business owner and manager, artist and author. She has also worked with Lifeline in telephone counselling for a number of years, unknowingly putting her in good stead for the traumas that were to follow. Her empathy and understanding comes from a path well-worn, which gives hope to those she helps on their journey.


She discovered that the power of love, unfaltering relationships and immovable faith can overcome the most gut-wrenching experiences imaginable. 

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