When Your Husband Dies

Shock, anguish and bewilderment set in with the first stages of intense grief and alone-ness. I felt utterly alone without my closest friend

Let Go Of The Past

How do we let go of the past and breeze through today like nothing bad has happened in life? Unfortunately, letting go of the past is...

When A Child Dies

As I was in the process of writing my memoirs in my recently released book “Despite the Odds” unbeknown to me, writing the book and ...

Does Time Heal Grief?

It is clearly apparent with the repercussions of loss, the passing of time cannot heal your soul.

Enjoy The Moment

My purpose in allowing myself to be extremely vulnerable in writing my life journey of three significant losses in life has a much...

Don’t Live With Regrets

Little did I know that I would never see my daughter again for less than two months later, she was horrifically murdered.

Stay in Today

Loss, grief and hardship are an inescapable, inevitable part of life, but misery and the way we work through each of these is a choice....

Managing Stress

Stress, stress, stress! Do you ever feel like your head is about to explode due to the incessant challenges you face each day? We live in su

Change Your Perspective

Challenges and temptations will arise at the most inopportune moment and every challenge is to keep you from your purpose and destiny.

Mother’s Day-Oh No!

Do you feel dread rise in your guts when Mother’s Day is approaching? If you have lost a child, supposed days of celebration can be a...


Birth and death are a part of life but strangely nothing seems to prepare us for the grief that invades us when someone dies or we...

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations! Wow, that’s something I never thought about. Feelings and emotions on any given day tend to dictate loudly how our...

You Are Worth It

Have you ever woken up, opened your eyes and immediately thought today sucks? Yeah, I know what you mean because this can be common for...