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Let Go Of The Past

How do we let go of the past and breeze through today like nothing bad has happened in life? Unfortunately, letting go of the past is something that is easier said than done. Why is this so? I would like to examine why this is such an anomaly in our lives? Rarely when something negative affects our lives do we let it go with ease, but more often than not we nurse and rehearse the incident. It goes round and round in our head incessantly allowing anxiety, frustration and discord to enter our soul. Often it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. The tiniest detail of something becomes a mammoth aggravation to us.

On opening our eyes each morning the foremost desire for the day is a day of happiness, peace and no stress but often as soon as we face the day our brain picks up where it left off the day before and a barrage of incessant negative thoughts start their vicious cycle again. Why is that so? The simple answer is that we give them permission to do so by following the negative pattern yet again. “Well, if I don’t worry about it and find a solution, then who will?” you may well ask, but that is entirely the point I am making. We give agitation and aggravation permission, which sends us into a state of depression and oppression which keeps us bound.

BUT what is the antithesis of a state of depression? What can reverse the negatives in your life?

Let Go Of The Past
Let Go Of The Past

Hope. Hope is the catalyst that propels you toward a good future, a better future, a future filled with joy. A future filled with laughter. A future filled with stability. A future filled with peace. But hope deferred makes the heart grow sick. Lack of hope leaves you empty and without a vision for the future and it is depleted of all the above emotions. When people see you carry hope after your world has come crashing down, they are inspired to re-evaluate their own lives, pick up the pieces and run again. Once they start to step out their destiny and purpose, a sense of fulfilment and joy energises them once more. Hope is fully transferable if you believe. So let your light shine brightly so others can draw hope and inspiration from you today and be a catalyst of hope for somebody else.

A lifetime of multiple tragedies includes my mum dying when I was sixteen, my daughter being brutally murdered and then my grand-daughter I was raising went down in a plane with my husband and were both killed on impact. Since releasing my book “Despite the Odds” I have had an enormous amount of positive feedback from people that are inspired to walk through the hardships of their lives yet again. I am encouraged because they are encouraged. The satisfaction I receive in seeing lives impacted for good is my purpose for writing the book.

Don’t play the blame-game where you are on the treadmill of blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong or indeed blame someone else for the negatives and stress in your life. Essentially you need to place healthy boundaries around yourself and be responsible for your responses. Assess the repetitive response patterns that have kept you on the treadmill all your life and determine how to alter the pattern once and for all. It will take consistent determination but the long-tem outcome will be worth it. You are special and you absolutely deserve to be free of the angst.

Making a decisive choice to not allow the past to determine your day or indeed your future is proactive and healthy. Let go of the past. Let go of the angst and the negatives in your life. Let go of everything that has already taken place and cannot be altered. Worrying about the past is time consuming and a total waste of time. Look to inspire someone else and see your day morph into an amazing day where both you and those around you can smile again. Come on, let go of the past and enjoy this amazing day that you will never see again. Make today count. Let go of the past and be joyous today knowing that hope is an anchor to your soul. Come on, live life to the full and enjoy today outrageously.

Love, Roma

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