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You Are Worth It

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Have you ever woken up, opened your eyes and immediately thought today sucks? Yeah, I know what you mean because this can be common for many of us, especially those who are going through a terrible or challenging time in life. When life gets too darn tough, take a moment to breathe and be kind to yourself. You are worth it.

When you feel you are being bombarded left, right and centre, your emotions go into overdrive and you easily slip into anger, fear, anxiety or bitterness. Afterall, they did you wrong. Right?

That may very well be the case but essentially you are the only one that can control your response and care for you. Stinkin’ thinkin’ will affect you psychologically and physically. It will not affect your circumstances but it will affect you. So step back. Step away from the problem and remember who is important. YOU!

You Are Worth It
You Are Worth It

It’s time to consider your well-being. It’s time to put yourself first for once. It’s so easy to prioritise less meaningful things in your life before considering the benefits of some down-time. Yes, the ironing can wait. It’s not going anywhere and you absolutely deserve to be spoilt without feeling guilty for doing so. Have coffee with a girlfriend, have a facial or nails done or curl up on the lounge and watch a movie. Give yourself permission to enjoy your day. If you are a guy, go fishing or play a game of golf. Just do whatever presses your button and is something where you can enjoy yourself and unwind.

After Danielle’s murder and the plane accident that took the life of my husband and my grand-daughter that I was raising, I quickly realised when I was having a bad day. I learnt to make good choices and would take a step toward distressing myself by joining a girlfriend for coffee or going shopping. Yes, I accumulated a nice wardrobe but hey I deserve it.

Again, I say, be kind to yourself and allow yourself room to step away from the pain. You have everything to gain. You are absolutely worth it.

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