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Are You Frustrated Or In Control?

In our day to day life we are confronted with challenges and making decisions constantly. But, so you ever stop to think about why you are frustrated or are you actually in control of the situation. It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions and aggravations that press out button the wrong way. Stepping back to assess the situation is often a last resort when the aggravation could be alleviated if we had done that first.

Recently I was on a trip to the “Red Centre” of Australia, namely Uluru, which is the Aboriginal name of the rock or more widely known as Ayers Rock. I rose early in the morning, before sunrise with my artist friends, to paint the changing colours of the rock as the rising sun moves over it. It was breathtakingly spectacular as was the colour of the red earth, the golden grasses and the vast variety of trees. In the cool of the morning there are cool shadows of blue and mauve and as the sun rises and hits, the colours of the rock change into apricot and finally at sunset a vivid red-orange.

Are You Frustrated Or In Control?
Are You Frustrated Or In Control?

I likened this to our soul reaction which is ever-changing with every thought and action throughout our day. The blue tones are quiet and hide in the shadows we often retreat when we are down or feeling blue. Red evokes strong emotions such as intensity or anger. Red is always noticeable and in our face as are the frustrations that challenge us daily. Our thoughts determine our changing moods and our soul the reaction according to our past experiences. It’s amazing how we particularly hold onto the negative experiences more readily than we do the positive ones. I know I have said it often, but we are the designer of our day. We are the ones who determine whether today is going to take a turn for good or bad.

Our ever-changing emotions, just like the colours in the rock can morph into hot anger or cool rest. “Peace be still” are words we can speak to ourselves to change our reactive response to a situation. You are in control of your outcome and day. Or you can allow your emotions to run rampant as you spiral into frustration and angst. So, let go of hot negative reactions and lean towards peace. Stay cool!

Today is a new day. You will never get this day back again. At the dawning of the day determine it to be an amazing day, a day of fresh beginnings. Raise your expectations and go for gold. Purpose to enjoy today and watch it transpire into that which you have determined. Ask yourself again, am I in control, or is my day controlling me?

Out with the negative thoughts and in with the positive. Now, are you frustrated or in control?

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