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Enjoy The Moment

I would love to talk about something we take for granted each day in our normal, everyday life. We go through every day, often following the same ol’ routine and forget to #enjoy the moment in whatever it is we are doing. Often we wake up with a list to follow or a schedule to go through that distracts us from the finer things of life that we should be so appreciative.

Don’t look too far ahead of yourself and freak out because you feel inadequate or swamped with the load. Stay in the moment and enjoy it. Pull yourself back to the “now.” Stopping to smell the roses has benefits for you, spirit soul and body. Slowing down to appreciate whatever you need to complete throughout the day, has massive benefits for you mentally and physically.

A pertinent example for me at this very moment is daily having to follow a marketing strategy after writing my autobiography “Despite the Odds.” I have to admit it has been challenging and is stretching me to the max. Now, I could choose to be negative and complain about the massive workload or simply look at each new skill as another learning curve and a feather in my cap. It all comes back to attitude doesn’t it? We can approach each day or activity with gusto and a positive approach or we can lean toward the negative and feel crappy and depressed. I have chosen the first option and during the process have learned so much. Have I made mistakes? Yes, I am always messing up but I have learnt to pick up where I left off and go again.

If we throw the towel in then the task we have set out to complete will be wasted. I have a bigger purpose in writing my book and learning social media just happens to part of the journey. If I don’t enjoy the moment then I may as well quit right now. If I push past the frustration of not knowing how to cut and paste on my phone or write an article on Linkedin, then so be it but by heck, I will set out to ask someone how it is done so I can stay on course. There is always someone who will give you a hand. My son-in-law Joe has been so available and nothing is ever too much for him. He has helped me with Facebook and videoed me as well.

Enjoy The Moment
Enjoy The Moment

My purpose in allowing myself to be extremely vulnerable in writing my life journey of three significant losses in life has a much bigger purpose. Yes, my book is very raw and real and exposes my struggles and my weaknesses, but even in writing these for the world to see, I pray they provide useful keys to overcome any obstacle in life for anyone, whether big or small. It’s often the little foxes that spoil the vine and send us into a tailspin as they catch us unawares.

My desire is to inspire others to walk free of the restraints that have held them bound for too long. It’s time to escape the drudgery of life and learn to live again. I want people who have experienced any type of hardship in life, to know that there is life after loss and the sun will shine again where you can open your eyes in the morning and smile.

So, in whatever you set out to do today or throughout the next week, relentlessly pursue enjoyment in each and every moment. Keep a positive attitude and I promise you, you will enjoy journey.

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