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Positive Affirmations

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Positive affirmations! Wow, that’s something I never thought about. Feelings and emotions on any given day tend to dictate loudly how our day will pan out. But feelings are only temporary and can change at the drop of a hat. So, why do we allow them to dictate to us? We have the inherent ability to allow or disallow them to permeate our being and consume us. We have the inherent ability to alter or cut off negative feelings that can easily take us on a road to destruction. A road to self-destruction. Yes, you have the choice.

Now, let me clarify one thing before you feel that I am being insensitive to your situation or needs. I am very much aware that we go through life, and trauma or tragedy can strike at any moment. I probably know this better than most. Naturally, an upset of this calibre will affect your soul. Your soul, being your mind, your will and your emotions. When you are confronted with a massive blow, your soul will be inundated with shock, grief, anxiety, fear and a myriad of associated emotions due to the hardship and shock of what has been presented. I also know how daily we are confronted with challenges and adversity that rob us of our peace. Problems at work, relationships, financial to name a few are part of the world in which we live. It’s to be expected some stormy seas will rock your boat on occasion.

I clearly remember the moment I was hit with the news of my daughter Danielle being murdered. Shock permeated every cell in my body as my mind tried to assimilate what I’d been told. My mind became befuddled and I couldn’t think clearly or rationally. My body went into flight mode but I could not escape the reality of what had happened to my girl. Of course my emotions went into over-drive and were a natural reaction to the horrific news presented to me.

Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations

But, day to day challenges that arise are inevitable. However, the response to the situation is up to you. I always remember a wise man saying that we can look at every challenge as a test. It was great advice because it allows you to step back from the situation and change your perspective. You can allow your emotions to run rampant and on their merry way, and dictate to you, or you can nullify them by stepping back and declaring positive affirmations over the situation. Thinking good thoughts is one thing but to actually give them a voice and hearing yourself declare “ this too, is subject to change” or the like, gives life and credibility to your words. When you hear it, you start to believe it. When you start to believe it, it negates the bad and propels you toward a good outcome. Call what looks impossible into the realm of possibility by your positive affirmations. It’s powerful to also see a picture of that which you are declaring. Seeing, is believing!

Don’t nurse a bad situation and allow it to spoil your day. Reverse the situation and declare that “today is a good day and I am going to enjoy it.” When you speak positive declarations over yourself your attitude changes and diffuses an aggravated soul and ultimately diffuses the situation. The outcome of this is a settling inside yourself, allowing peace and stability to be restored. Positive declarations turn into self-fulfilling prophesy. Now that’s a good thought.

Make a list of positive declarations that are easily accessible should a challenge confront you unawares. Or better still, declare them daily over your life so that you own them and the challenges don’t own you. You area winner not a loser, and defeat and negativity are not part of your DNA. You can absolutely reverse a situation with your positive affirmations. I did and you can too.

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